Monday, 2 August 2021

Painting Commissions

The last eighteen months have been difficult for all of us. I, like many, have found this period challenging both at work and at home. After a lot of thought I have come to the decision to no longer accept new commissions from new clients. I will still be accepting commissions from those clients with projects on my books to allow these to be completed, so please rest assured that my brush is still at your disposal. 

I hope that in the fullness of time to be able to "open up" again, but I need to take a break for a while. How long that break will be is, as yet, unclear. I have also been asked to write another painting guide book. This one will take some time. PLUS, I still have my own projects to pursue as progress on these has been far too slow over the last year and a half due to all sorts of things. 

I don't want painting little metal men to become a chore! 


Aly Morrison said...

You deserve a break mate…

It will give me time to save up 😁

All the best. Aly

Graham W said...

Good idea, I had a year painting when I retired at the end of 2018. Then got a call back to help out on a specific job that was looking good until Covid struck, so it was back to the basement and painting every day. Things were going okay until about a month ago when I think some “coviditus” struck. I took some time off, reduced my daily painting hours and took a couple of extra weeks to finish some Aztecs for a friend.
Now I feel refreshed and back to painting around 8 hours a day 😀