Wednesday 29 May 2019

Footsore Miniatures WW1 British Cavalry. The Completed Unit.

Here they are, temporarily attached to bases for the sake of photography. They will be based elsewhere. 

Time to lay aside the brushes for a while. June and early July is a horrid month for work commitments so I enter my annual period of enforced "down time. If I get the inclination there are a few one off figures (some of the Wargames Illuratrated figures and a Salute 19 miniature) in the pipe-line that will get done but then.... when the time comes.... I leave the Great War for a lot of late Victorian stuff. Looking forward to that.

Thursday 23 May 2019

Achtung! Flugzeug!

I don't show enough photographs of the 1/48 scale model aeroplanes that I have built and painted over the past three or so years. I am not a skilled model maker. I am still a kid inside when it comes to building these kits. I want them built and finished speedily. If I could get away with hanging them from the bedroom ceiling I would! I content myself with seeing them fly above the wargames table. I don't have an air brush or any of that fancy sort of technology so painting is done with brushes and acrylic paints. So, here is a Phonix DII (Special Hobby kit), a Roland CII (Eduard Weekender kit) and a monster Gotha GV (a vintage Aurora kit from the 1960s and 70s).

Monday 13 May 2019

Painting Guide Review

Those nice chaps at "Wargames Illustrated" have been so kind as to produce a video flipthrough review of my painting guide published by Partizan Press and available in the UK through the Caliver Books website and in the USA through On Military Matters

Saturday 11 May 2019

Footsore WW1 British Cavalry and Trench Raiders

A welcome return to the early war on the Western Front. These figures will be based when they reach their "forever home".  Footsore have recently withdrawn this range to do some work on the moulds and they tell me that they will be back later this year. To be honest, yes, the bare metal figures needed a bit of work before painting, particularly the horses, so I look forward to cleaner and crisper castings in the future. These are lovely sculpts to paint. Six more Lancers to come and this job is complete.