Thursday 24 January 2013

Perry Miniatures AWI: Patriots!

I've always fancied myself, had I been around at the right time and place as a bit of a Patriot. I've had these chaps in a plastic bag for quite some time in the "One Day I'll Get Some Time To Paint These" box. I found some time!

Now to get hold of some of the early Northern Patriots that Messers Perry released earlier this month.

Friday 11 January 2013

Foundry Boer War British Field Artillery Limber

Look what Father Christmas brought. This is the recently re-released Wargames Foundry British Colonial Artillery limber. The gun does not come with the set. I like this limber and team because the horses and Drivers look as if they are actually pulling something of weight at speed.

 Having maligned the Good Lady Wife before Christmas, I was delighted to find this set in the Christmas Stocking. I'm pleased to say that this is now in my display case having finally secured some time to pursue my own projects rather than working on painting commissions. I dedicate this set to Michael Awdry who runs the 28mm Victorian Warfare Blog. This is a place that I always enjoy visiting and have gained valuable inspiration in the past as a result. 

Click on the photos for larger versions.