Monday, 2 August 2021

Painting Commissions

The last eighteen months have been difficult for all of us. I, like many, have found this period challenging both at work and at home. After a lot of thought I have come to the decision to no longer accept new commissions from new clients. I will still be accepting commissions from those clients with projects on my books to allow these to be completed, so please rest assured that my brush is still at your disposal. 

I hope that in the fullness of time to be able to "open up" again, but I need to take a break for a while. How long that break will be is, as yet, unclear. I have also been asked to write another painting guide book. This one will take some time. PLUS, I still have my own projects to pursue as progress on these has been far too slow over the last year and a half due to all sorts of things. 

I don't want painting little metal men to become a chore! 

Thursday, 29 July 2021


 What's this? The result of a recent campaign with friends set in 192? where a Hungarian Communist invasion of Austria was brutally crushed by a substantial force of German Freikorps coming to the aid of hard pressed Austrian regulars and Heimwehr. The end result of this chapter of the ongoing alternate reality was a closer alliance between Austria and Germany known as "die bindung" and Austrian Interior Minister Count Nikolaus von Esterhazy, being elected "Interior Minister for Life". So, to strengthen his grip on power, Esterhazy has begun to raise paramilitary troops that take their orders directly from the Interior Ministry, the "Esterhazy Heimatschutz". Eventually, there will be a small number of units to complete this force but here is the first courtesy of a permanent loan from his friends within Germany. This is the Panzer-Kraftwagen-Maschinengewehr Abteilung Esterhazy composed of a massive B├╝ssing 5AP (Barrage Miniatures), an Ehrhardt e-v/4 (Barrage Miniatures) and a Daimler Sonderwagen 21 (Empress Miniatures). All now carry the simple markings of the Esterhazy Heimatschutz. The figure in the picture is just allow a sense of scale.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

The Heavy Brigade 4. 1st Dragoons (The Royals).

 The secret project is now complete so the Heavy Brigade returned to the table. Here we have the last of the twelve figures to represent 1st Dragoons (The Royals). Figures by Great War Miniatures to be based elsewhere.

Monday, 12 July 2021

The Heavy Brigade 3. 5th Dragoon Guards.

 More on the Heavy Brigade at Balaclava. Figures, again, from Great War Miniatures and basing to be done elsewhere.. There will now be a pause for a short while before I finish off this job as I undertake a highly secret project that arrived out of the blue. Shhhhhhh.....tell no one.

Sunday, 4 July 2021

The Heavy Brigade 2. The Royal Scots Greys.

Continuing work on the Heavy Brigade at Balaclava. 2nd Dragoons (Royal North British, "The Royal Scots Greys"). Figures from Great War Miniatures. These chaps will be based elsewhere. I tried to paint a dapple grey, I really did, but I just can't do them. Every time I try the result looks as if it has been done by a three year old. Next up, 5th Dragoon Guards.

Sunday, 27 June 2021

The Heavy Brigade 1: 6th (Inniskilling)Dragoons.

Part of a small commission to paint up some figures to represent the Heavy Cavalry Brigade at Balaclava. First up, the 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons. Figures from the Great War Miniatures Crimean War range. Figures to be based elsewhere.

Sunday, 30 May 2021

179 Brigade Command Base.

Brigade Command base, 179 Brigade, 60 Division, 1917. Brigadier General FitzJames M, Edwards CMG DSO, his Brigade Staff and the Brigade signal section. Figures from Great War Miniatures, Copplestone Castings and a newly released figure from Footsore Miniatures with a slight modification to the headgear.

Monday, 3 May 2021

Pushing the putty. Having a go.

 Over the past few days, the great Paul Hicks has posted a few WIP images to explain how he does things. Inspired by this, I took a dolly from Ebob (I had some in a drawer), a head from Woodbine designs (I know my limitations) and some greenstuff and had a crack at making a driver for one of my Model B FWD trucks made by John Hart. I am rather pleased the end result. Not a lot of detail needed on a figure sat behind the wheel of a truck! I am so pleased that I intend to make four more. The really good part is that these drivers will be made to fit the vehicles rather than hunting for something that might fit. Thanks Mr Hicks!

Saturday, 1 May 2021

Friday, 16 April 2021

Footsore Miniatures WW1 Tommies (perhaps the last batch).

 It is really sad that Footsore Miniatures seem to have permanently retired these lovely sculpts from Paul Hicks. Sometime ago they were withdrawn as the chaps from Footsore said that the moulds needed work....two years later, they still appear  on the website but are still labelled "unavailable". No doubt they are more excited and interested in pursuing  their new ranges.

These three packs (the Battalion Command pack, Command pack and the Lewis gunners) are destined for their "forever home" far away and will be based by their owner. There are three more packs to paint (Tommies advancing, Tommies firing and a Vickers team) and these will follow shortly. It is a pleasure to revisit these figures again without swapping heads! This may be the last time.......