Sunday, 19 February 2023

Crann Tara SYW: 1st Bn. Infantry Regiment Preysing.

 Some Crann Tara 28mm SYW Prussian figures painted up as 1st Bn. Infantry Regiment Preysing of the Palatine Auxiliary Corps (Pfalzische Subsidienkorps) in French service. Flags come via some computer trickery and printing out of the regimental colours as illustrated in the SPLENDID plates produced by Frédéric Aubert now available on a new website:

Monday, 13 February 2023

Perry Miniatures Sudan: 19th Hussars.

 The three Perry Sudan 19th Hussars packs. Another nine such figures will complete this unit. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Minden Miniatures SYW: 1st Battalion, Infantry Regiment Osten

Time for a new direction.  This is the first time that I have painted up any Minden Miniatures SYW figures. They are a delight to work with. Here we have some Prussian figures in Swedish cuffs masquerading as the 1st Battalion of the Infantry Regiment Osten of the Palatine Auxiliary Corps (Pfaltzische Subsidienkorps) hired by France to fight in Germany. More of such will follow. I can only hope that they are good enough to serve alongside Steve's French Minden Miniatures SYW figures that have been painted up by someone known only as "The Dentist". Flags come via some computer trickery and printing out of the regimental colours as illustrated in the SPLENDID plates produced by Frédéric Aubert and available via his SYWBS: Seven Years War Battle System FB page:  

Sunday, 6 November 2022

Viet Cong Female Soldiers

 The mojo slowly returns. A number of figures from the Gringo's 40 28mm Vietnam range. Lots of black. There are few more of these to come.

Saturday, 15 October 2022

Lt. Col. (Temporary) Winston Churchill (QOOH) attached 6 Bn. Royal Scots Fusiliers, 1916.

What does it take to re-start the painting mojo? The answer is an act of generosity. Jeremy S commissioned this figure of Winston Churchill, 1916, from Paul Hicks and he contacted me because he had just received a number of casts and he wished to send me one. I asked Jeremy to send two, so that I could paint one up and send it back to him. I believe that Footsore Miniatures may well be adding this figure to their catalogue in the fullness of time.

Saturday, 8 October 2022

1/48 Sopwith Triplane with a decal disaster

 I am enjoying building these kits to buzz above the wargames table.. I am also enjoying re-creating the sort of straightforward paint job that I would have aspired to when I built Airfix kits as a kid. There is a pleasing simplicity about the end result. This was a very satisfying build from an Eduard kit dating from the mid-1990s but the decals were horribly brittle and I lost the Sopwith labelling for the tail plane as well as the blue, white and red zig-zag  markings that went around the fuselage. The tail rudder decals broke into a few pieces along with one of the fuselage roundels and all had to be overpainted by hand. I think I managed to save the build! One more kit to build before the little metal men return to the table...a Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter. There will be another four kits from Steve's clear-out to keep until the next time I feel the urge to build.