Tuesday 21 August 2012

Pulp Miniatures US Marine Corps

Click on the photo for a larger image.
Bases to be done by he who asked me to paint them.

Friday 10 August 2012

Gloucestershire Yeomanry (Royal Gloucestershire Hussars) Palestine 1917-18. Great War Miniatures Conversions 2.

As promised a few photos of the completed GWM conversions that go to create the Royal Gloucester Hussars. Apologies for the third image.... the camera appears to have shifted the point of focus so the nearest trooper is blurred. Thoroughly enjoyed painting this unit up.

Friday 3 August 2012

Artizan Designs Sky Pirates

Something different. These chaps painted up as what I interpret as classic 1920s-30s aviators rather than anything outlandish. I don't have the imagination to create anything odd! The first five of ten. Looks like they need another coat of matt varnish before they go to their new home as there is a bit of a shine on their jackets under the lights. Good fun and a welcome break to Wolseley helmets!