Wednesday 26 December 2018

T E Lawrence.

After many months of searching, a good friend managed, by power and influence, to obtain THREE T E Lawrence figures sculpted by Michael Perry as one of the special edition miniatures produced for Hamburger Tactica 2018. The deal is I paint them up... one for me, one for the good friend and one for Mr Perry. Here is the first. I am very pleased to have been able to get this out of my system as I think this is a fantastic figure. I like the fact that Lawrence is wearing his army uniform with sandals and Arab headgear. This is clearly early on in his on in his involvement with the Arab Revolt. I shall have to get hold of some Arab irregulars now....

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Perry Miniatures Sudan Naval Brigade Gatling Gun and crew

More fun in the Sudan.  This dark blue paint doesn't take the varnish well at all... still shiny in places.  Time to get rid, I think.

Monday 17 December 2018

Perry Miniatures Sudan Naval Brigade

It is rather agreeable to be able to return to the Sudan after such a long absence. A couple of other units will be completed in the fullness of time. Mostly wearing kilts!

Saturday 13 October 2018

Converted Matchbox Model T Ford.

Well, I think this turned out rather well. I give you a before and after. BEFORE: Matchbox 1:52 Scale 1921 Model T Ford van delivering PG Tips. AFTER: 1917 Model T Ford Utility, Palestine/Syria, 1917-18.

Friday 12 October 2018

Chinese Cavalry. Forgotten Front Miniatures.

Now Dave Ryan (he of Caliver Books and Minifigs fame) has gone public with these images I can post them here. Chinese Cavalry for all your Warlord, Civil War and Back of Beyond needs.

While the Mojo is away, the Dremel will play.

The motivation to paint has gone on a VERY LONG holiday since the end of the slog to get all done for the game at Colours last month. I tried a bit of Napoleonic painting. It was hard work and my heart was not in it. I find that when this happens you just have to give in an let it happen. What tends to happen to me is that the motivation to paint gets replaced with the motivation to build. Over the last month I have built and painted a Sopwith Snipe and a SE5a. Painting these is easy...large surfaces...big brushes....

I also played a game on Steve Langan's table last weekend. While there, unbeknown to Steve, I rifled through his collection trying to hunt down the converted Matchbox 1921 Model T Fords that he has had converted. I found them. I noted down the model code number and hit eBay on my return home. These vehicles are 1:52 scale, spot on really, and have the same body as the 1917 Model T Ford used by the Light Car Patrols in Palestine. I found three, bid on them and picked up all three for about six quid including postage. BARGAIN.

They arrived yesterday. The Dremel came out and two hours later, one of them was converted into a Model T Utility with cab and canvas roof. Tonight I PAINT IT!

Sunday 16 September 2018

The Race Across Idlib Province, 28th October, 1918. Demonstration Game, Colours, Newbury, 2018.

Some images of the intense and frustrating experience that was the demonstration game put on by "Adrian Shepherd and Friends". The British failed in their objective to capture the last remaining flyblown Ottoman/German airstrip in northern Syria (a collection point for serviceable aircraft that would then fly on to Alexandretta) in the shadow of the Krak des Berger, the superb Crusader castle made for the game by Adrian Shepherd. At the end of the game, before we cleared away, we arranged all the vehicles to represent the British forces taking posession of the area following the Ottoman surrender on 29th October, 1918.