Wednesday 28 December 2016

Moving the 60pdr.

Mule drawn transport in Mesopotamia. The Perry ACW Mule Team form the basis for this part of the Big Guns project. A Perry WW2 British Yeomanry trooper provides the driver in the saddle while the chap alonside the leading pair is a previously pictured converted Perry Mafeking figure. The towing limber is a scartchbuild as is the gun.

Saturday 24 December 2016

It is still all about guns and gunners....

Here are twelve figures that have been converted or added to to create some Royal Garrison Artillery gunners for the bigger guns that have been on the workbench recently. These figures come from the Perry WW2 range, the Perry Mafeking range and a couple come from Woodbine Designs. In fact, one of these figures is the legendary "Woody", a special figure produced by Woodbine when their WW1 range was first released. It seemed a shame to cut his head off and replace it with one wearing a Wolseley helmet, but needs must.... All are destined for the Middle Eastern theatres.

 A couple of close ups of "Woody" (right) and his mate as they fettle the fuses on 8 inch shells.

I also indulged by desire to make guns by scratching this 60pdr.

Wednesday 21 December 2016

GWM WW1 German Uhlans 1.

The first of fourteen to depict Uhlanen Regiment Konig Karl (1. Wurttembergisches) Nr. 19. Dressed in the very early war field grey as they clatter over the Belgian border in August 1914. The bases are temporary.

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Prepared position.

Good heavens, a month since I posted anything! Well, much of that time has been spent on a super secret project that I can not post here. This will form the basis of an article for the Wargaming press and the editor has asked that it be "new" when published.... it involves trains.... and men from central Europe trying to get to Vladivostok... that's all I can say.

Other things have happened. Mainly this...


and some of these (the gun is being done by the client)....

It all seems to be about guns! There are some coverted figures on the table to provide the crews for the 8 inch howitzer and the 60pdr. A couple of GWM German Uhlans will also get varnished tonight and they form the start of fourteen of these. These two will be the next post in a couple of days.