Sunday 13 August 2017

163 Brigade Staff, Gaza, 1917.

Brigadier General T Ward, Officer Commanding 163 Brigade, watches on with his Brigade Major as the two Mark I tanks in support of his brigade slowly rumble forward towards the Turkish positions that would later become known as Tank Redoubt following the Second Battle of Gaza. The tanks attracted the fire of every Turkish gun in the sector. Well sited Turkish machine gun positions took a heavy toll on his Brigade with the 1/4 and 1/5 Norfolks taking 75% casualties. The supporting battalion, 1/8 Hampshires could do little to help particularly as the artillery fire on the two tanks caused the Hampshires difficulty and heavy casualties among their ranks. 1/5 Suffolks in reserve could only watch on as the attack was abandoned once HMLS Nutty was hit and destroyed as it reached the Turkish trenches. Brigadier Ward as not impressed with the Tank as a new weapon.
Figures by Woodbine Designs, Mutton Chop and Footsore Miniatures. All have had their original heads replaced with Woodbine heads wearing Wolseley helmets. All have a little greenstuff added to create brassards.

Friday 11 August 2017

1/5th Norfolk Regiment (TF), 1/5th Suffolk Regiment (TF) and 163 Trench Mortar Battery.

163 Brigade nears completion.

The 1/5th Norfolks are all Footsore Miniatures with Woodbine heads.

163 Trench Mortar Battery being a GWM 2 inch Stokes mortar, a GWM figure from the lead pile and a Woodbine "Woody" figure, both of which have had a head-swap.

1/5th Suffolks being mostly Footsore Miniatues with a couple of Woodbines to make up the numbers. Again, all with Woodbine heads.

I wait for a delivery and then we shall have a Brigade HQ and signal section.