Tuesday 16 July 2024

Daimler Marienfelde Truck.

 A Daimler Marienfelde truck in 1/56 scale from the desktop and 3D printer of John Hart. Painted up here to join my 1920s Freikorps force. This is a test print before the final version is signed off. There are some modifications to be made to thicken up some of the more slender uprights to avoid warping (you can see this on the windscreen) and John is also working on a detachable canvas tilt for the rear. Joy of joys!

Wednesday 3 July 2024

Daimler-Krupp Plattformwagen "Sturmkanonen" c.1919 Painted

 About a month ago I posted the test print of a German Daimler-Krupp Plattformwagen tat had been digitally designed by John Hart and then 3D printed in resin. I finally finished painting it this week having been gently doing bits of the paint job in between other things. This is really a cracking piece of kit.

Sunday 9 June 2024

Daimler-Krupp Plattformwagen "Sturmkanonen", c. 1919

 John Hart, model maker supreme, is branching out into 3D design and printing. Having contacted me to see if there was anything I wanted so that he might be able to hone his skills on a meaningful project, I asked if he could have a crack at a Daimler-Krupp Plattformwagen "Sturmkanonen". This is something that will come in very useful when the German Freikorps get an outing on the tabletop with the League of Extraordinary Kreigspielers. I sent John as many images of this beast as could find and off he went to design a 1/56 model. This weekend I received John's 3D resin printed test piece. Wow..... what the images don't reveal is the incredibly fine detail on things such as the door handles and detail inside the drivers cab. Before you shout loudly....this vehicle WAS right hand drive... just look at the photos. Pictured here with a couple of Empress Miniatures figures to allow you to judge size and scale.

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Partizan, Newark, 19th May, 2024: Two Wins in One Day.

 PARTIZAN, Newark, Sunday 19th May. Some shots of the "Fiume 1920, Revolution and New World Order" display game put on by the League of Extraordinary Kriegspielers. A top time was had by all involved and much destruction was wrought upon the Adriatic coast and the game won the "Adrian Shepheard Best Vignette" award. One was rather chuffed as this is the first time anything I have put together has won anything! The Award carried the name of our late and much missed friend and League member. It made the moment a bit more special. Big thanks to Steve for the inspiration for this. Cameron and myself, controlling the Pan-Germanic Nationalist forces were declared the victors at the end of the day....so I won TWICE! Great time. Great friendship. Great result all round. Next up....LUTZEN 1632 in October if all goes to plan.

Saturday 4 May 2024

Various Thirty Years War figures.

 Here are a number of TWY figures from Empress Miniatures, 1898 Miniatures (available from Empress Miniatures), The Assault Group and a rogue fifer from Wargames Foundry. These will be winging their way back to their owner soon. All destined for a planned Lutzen 1632 game to be staged at The Other Partizan in October this year. Flags from Flags of War.

Monday 25 March 2024

Freikorps Command Post.

 The second vignette for the "Fiume 192?"demonstration game for Partizan in May. A command post for the German Freikorps. Figures from Great War Miniatures and Empress Miniatures. Great fun to do.