Tuesday 8 July 2008

Marching Tommies and Minenwerfer.

Finally completed the rest of the Great War Miniatures late war Tommies in full marching order. Painted up as 1/12 County of London Regiment (T.F.) (The Rangers). A joy to paint and I'm pleased with the results. Photographic skill still needs to develop. Learned how to set the white balance. Taking pictures on apperture priority for maximum depth of field. Have added another daylight bulb to the rig and this seems to have washed out the flesh again! Ho hum.

Also completed the German 25cm Minenwerfer and crew...just in time for the 5p listing day on ebay!

Received the latest Woodbine Designs ANZACs on Friday. Excellent. Work will begin on them once I have cleared some Brigade Games Tommies in tropical kit that have been hanging around and getting pushed back as new and exciting things arrive on the market.