Sunday 20 November 2016

Another WW1 Holt Tractor.

Another 1st Corps Holt 15 ton Tractor, a HLBS 8 inch gun and a scratchbuilt towing limber . The crew on the tractor are a seated Woodbine gunner and a converted Perry Miniatures ACW figure carrying a "Flimsy" full of fuel. The gun has a disruptive camouflage paint scheme for hot and sandy conditions in Mespot. Film of Mesopotamia from the IWM shows a Holt like this with the divisional sign of the Indian 17th Division painted on the rear of the vehicle so the black cat rides on this model as well. 

Perry Miniatures WW2 Pack WW14 British Infantry Skirmishing, BD Trousers.

Wednesday 2 November 2016

"Four Point Seven"

Finally got around to having a go at a 4.7 inch field gun. With the shorter trail and a recoil of only two feet on the recuperators these peices would "dig in" causing the shells to fall short.

Here is real one.