Tuesday 28 July 2015

Royal Field Artillery Limber and Team.

The Great War Miniatures Limber, team and 18pdr field gun with Woodnine Designs heads ready for service somewhere hot and dusty.

Saturday 25 July 2015

Scratchbuilt FWD Model B 3 Ton Truck

The last of these scratchbuilds for a while. I must get on with painting and suppress the the urges of my inner twelve year old self and focus on other projects. With the exception of  two pieces of styrene rod and a bit of brass wire, this truck used to be a manilla card wallet!

From what I can find out, 500 of these American FWD trucks were delivered to the British Army who used them primarily as artillery tractors. Some were convereted into fuel tankers, searchlight carriers and balloon tenders.  

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Another scratchbuilt gun: 6 inch 26cwt howitzer (ish).

More fun with cereal packet cardboard... and swearing. This is a very squat and ugly looking gun. It does not photograph very well. It looks a lot better "in the flesh".
The Batttery Major consults the handbook and thinks about getting the brute dug into an emplacement covered with netting.

An interesting thing came to light while researching the plans of this gun. In May 1917, the most forward battery of these guns on the Ypres Salient was dug in 300 yards west of the Cloth Hall in Ypres. Having stood on the area of the front line of the Salient and looked back towards Ypres I appreciate the distances involved.

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Scratchbuilt 6 inch heavy gun.

This is a cereal packet and a bit of styrene tube and rod. Thanks for the inspiration must go to Mark (Tin Shed Gamer) over on the LAF. I lifted the template of the carriage from his cereal packet 8 inch Howitzer. His traction engine and gun project can be seen here.

I'm afraid I bottled out of doing spoked wheels. I need to build up my confidence and skill level with this sort of thing before I attempt such a thing.

To give an idea of size, the Battery Major, a Mutton Chop figure, stands along side the finished object. I think I need to give it a name.....

Saturday 11 July 2015

HLBSCo WW1 8 inch Howitzer and 60 pdr field gun.

Big guns!

The brooding shape of the all metal 8 inch howitzer model. Some wag has named her "Ruby" after his wife!

 The resin 60 pdr model.

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Interwar USMC 75mm Field Gun.

Some heavy support for the USMC figures painted earlier this year. A GWM WW1 French 75mm field gun with a crew of GWM Late War British Artillery crew with Woodbine Designs headswaps. Strictly speaking, by the 1920s American guns had a simple Olive Green paint scheme but the decision was taken to give the gun a bit more "umph"  by basing the paint scheme on a gun in the Lovett Artillery Collection. An image of this gun appears at the bottom of this page and the other images and information can be found here. A second gun and crew are currently on the table.

French 75mm gun, Lovett Artillery Collection.

An image of both comleted guns and crews.

And next? BIG GUNS!

Thursday 2 July 2015

Mutton Chop BEF Vickers Team (BEF8).

And now onto the summer projects. Guns, Hussars and other bits and pieces.