Tuesday 17 September 2013

Perry Miniatures DAK

The nice man who sculpted these DAK figures has asked me to paint up a box for him. I am not the only chap painting up a Zug for his personal use and it seems that brushes are being wielded across Europe!

The nice man was kind enough to send me the command sprue (Officer and Radio Operator)  a couple of weeks ago to allow me to play around with a few recipes for painting the earlier olive green uniform and the later tan/sand coloured kit.

So, these two were very much test pieces to play around with before the real thing arrived in the post today. I thought you might like a shuftie. Officer in later clothing, Radio Operator in a fading olive green tunic. I'm not altogether happy with this green. Other recipes will be explored soon.

Once again the camera reveals all faults. I've sent these two figures off to the nice man so I can't rectify a tiny fault with the Officer figure. Something is missing. Can anyone spot it. No prizes... just the smug satisfaction of being eagle eyed.