Tuesday 5 January 2021

Eureka Miniatures 28mm WW1 Imperial Camel Corps. The completed mounted unit.

 All ten of the completed mounted unit of 1 Bn. Imperial Camel Corps. Work now begins on the dismounted unit. I will be converting some Footsore dismounted BUF/Yeomanry figures for this by carving off the brassard and swapping their heads for Woodbine Designs Slouch Hat heads. 

I enjoyed painting up these figures. I am very pleased that they have been sculpted with the correct camel saddle holding the two cylindrical fantassi water containers. I have painted them in khaki bags. The camels may be a little small but I can live with that. In the fullness of time I will be adding another unit of these figures to my collection although next time, I don't think I'll be using the figures on running camels. One figure on a running camel waves a bayonet (no doubt inspired by the ALH charge at Bersheeba) which is pointless sitting atop a camel! I like the figure hanging on for grim death on a running beast but you only need one of these in a collection, really, and in my original order I got two so he has been replaced by an extra walking figure brandishing a pistol. This figure has been sculpted with a bandolier but no rifle so I added a rifle from the bits box and painted sergeant's stripes on his arms.

I pleasing addition to my Palestine 1917 troops.

Here is 1 Bn. ICC on the march, somewhere between Suez and Jerusalem.

This is interesting.... Australian members of the ICC recall their experiences.