Sunday 30 May 2021

179 Brigade Command Base.

Brigade Command base, 179 Brigade, 60 Division, 1917. Brigadier General FitzJames M, Edwards CMG DSO, his Brigade Staff and the Brigade signal section. Figures from Great War Miniatures, Copplestone Castings and a newly released figure from Footsore Miniatures with a slight modification to the headgear.

Monday 3 May 2021

Pushing the putty. Having a go.

 Over the past few days, the great Paul Hicks has posted a few WIP images to explain how he does things. Inspired by this, I took a dolly from Ebob (I had some in a drawer), a head from Woodbine designs (I know my limitations) and some greenstuff and had a crack at making a driver for one of my Model B FWD trucks made by John Hart. I am rather pleased the end result. Not a lot of detail needed on a figure sat behind the wheel of a truck! I am so pleased that I intend to make four more. The really good part is that these drivers will be made to fit the vehicles rather than hunting for something that might fit. Thanks Mr Hicks!

Saturday 1 May 2021