Saturday 25 April 2020

Table Dressing for the Sudan.

Here are three figures available from Oniria Miniatures. Marketed as 28mm, these three splendid chaps would not mix well with most exisiting ranges being rather tall and slender by comparison but the camel is great! These figures were, I think, designed more for the serious figure painter or military modeller rather than the wargamer BUT they make a cracking little vignette for the table-top...scouts perhaps?

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Egytpian Infantry, 1882, Anglo-Egyptian War,

A group of Perry Miniatures Sudan Egyptian infantry painted up in the winter issue blue uniform ready for the Anglo-Egyptian war. The green battalion flag will have an arabic number painted on it at a later date.

Sunday 5 April 2020

"A" Company, 2 Battalion, The Princess Victoria's (Royal Irish Fusilers), Sudan 1884.

A company of Perry plastic troops destined for the "Sands of Sudan".