Saturday 5 August 2023

1Bn. Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, Sudan, 1885.

 No posts for half a year and then two in as many days. It is a bit like waiting for a bus! Now that the TYW/ECW painting has been concluded for the time being (I imagine that there will be more in the fullness of time), it is time to start work on the next unit for Steve's Sudan collection. These have been waiting for far too long. At his request, they are wearing their red frocks as ordered at the Battle of Ginnis, 1885. I toyed with the idea of painting them in a plain red service frock without the cuff detail but I decided that, for the sake of visual interest, I would paint this on. The Cameron tartan is VERY simplified on these figures but I think it works. Only another thirty-two figures to do. Figures are, naturally, Perry Miniatures.

Thursday 3 August 2023

Another new direction and a new painting guide soon.

 It has been almost six months since my last post. The demands of real life and work has meant a re-assessment of how much time I can give to the hobby and when that time will be given. Despite this, I have not been idle. Some inspiration came from a friend and that was then harnessed by "one's publisher" with the result that my fifth painting guide is currently awaiting the wizardry of the design department at Partizan Press. The subject matter will be deduced from these photos. Figures from Perry, Wargames Foundry and The Assault Group. Colours from Flags of War.