Friday 16 April 2021

Footsore Miniatures WW1 Tommies (perhaps the last batch).

 It is really sad that Footsore Miniatures seem to have permanently retired these lovely sculpts from Paul Hicks. Sometime ago they were withdrawn as the chaps from Footsore said that the moulds needed work....two years later, they still appear  on the website but are still labelled "unavailable". No doubt they are more excited and interested in pursuing  their new ranges.

These three packs (the Battalion Command pack, Command pack and the Lewis gunners) are destined for their "forever home" far away and will be based by their owner. There are three more packs to paint (Tommies advancing, Tommies firing and a Vickers team) and these will follow shortly. It is a pleasure to revisit these figures again without swapping heads! This may be the last time.......

Thursday 8 April 2021

Old Glory 28mm Japanese Cavalry in 1886 pattern uniform.

These are not the best sculpted figures on the market and indeed some of the poses are a little odd and their swords look like pieces of timber, but they are some of the only figures I know of that represent Japanese cavalry at the turn of the twentieth century suitable for the Boxer Rebellion. It is quite a colourful uniform. The same could be used for the early part of the Russo-Japanese War. Ordinarily I would not have painted up these figures (because I am a bit of a snob when it comes to figure quality) but they will form part of a tabletop force that I have painted up other units for so it was a matter of completing the job to help add to the collection.