Tuesday 7 March 2017

Grub up! WW1 Ottoman Field Kitchen.

Here is a splendidly large and well fed chap (a conversion from a Renegade figure from the lead pile) in charge of a scratchbuilt German supplied "gulaschkanone" and a huge and ancient iron pot. Various bits of resin are from Grand Manner, the table is knocked together from bits of thin wood and MDF and I baked the bread myself. Do enjoy your meal. A 10% service charge is included.

An image of a German Field kitchen having been supplied to Turkish forces.

Another image showing Turkish troops cooking with big pots.

Wednesday 1 March 2017

WW1 Ottoman Turk Reservists

A group of Woodbine Designs Turkish infantry. The brief was to paint them up in a darker green uniform and a "poo brown" fez. So here they are. Another batch of ten of these are currently on the table.