Thursday 30 December 2021

White Russian Rifle Unit.

 These WW1 Russian figures are from Oz Club STP currently stocked by Empress Miniatures. Beautiful Paul Hicks sculpts painted up as a White Russian Rifle unit for service in the east. A pleasure to paint!

Friday 17 December 2021

2/21 London (H) Battery, Royal Field Artillery (TF) Palestine 1917.

 The 4.5 inch Howitzer, ammunition cart, crew and team from Empress Miniatures with Woodbine Designs headswaps. Now that Empress have released the 18pdr, two batteries of these will follow. I also intend to use the 18pdr and team to respresent the Berkshire Battery RHA as the RHA batteries exchanged their 13pdrs for 18pdrs before crossing the Sinai desert.