Sunday 8 March 2015

Artizan Designs WW1 Arab Irregulars 3

Two more figures. The remaining six figures are duplicates of the figures carrying rifles seen in this and the previous post on this topic. Only the colour schemes will vary so one post left to come on this project and that will be when all ten are complete. It will be a while as painting on this unit is slow at the moment thanks to current work commitments and related energy levels at the end of the day.... that and being distracted by guns, limbers and teams.....

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Playing with Pigment Powder and an Ambulance

Recent research leads me to conclude that WW1 British Artillery equipments in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Palestine were painted in the standard khaki-green rather than in a desert scheme. So, when I was asked to take on a rather large project of four 18pdr guns, ammunition wagons and horse teams from that theatre, the challenge was on. How to make a gun look as if it had been dragged through dry desert sand and dust..... on dark green paint? Drybrushing sprang to mind but I might have done that on a desert paint scheme but it simply wouldn't work on khaki-green. So I bought some pigment powders (more than I really need but one day they will come in handy) and pigment fixer and I began to play.....

... it was a steep learning curve. The next one will be better!

Last weekend saw the local Wargames club here put on their annual show. It has been a few years since I last attended, but I needed a few bits and pieces for the painting table and popped in. Not much for me there, I'm afraid, but Warbases were in attendance and I stocked up on some MDF bases and purchased one of their new 28mm MDF WW1 vehicle kits just for fun. The lady who served me said that there was a PDF file of instructions on their website. I couldn't find it so it became a problem solving exercise. It was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I slapped some paint on it very, very quickly (in less than an hour, in fact, and lots of details NOT painted) just to get an idea of what it would be like with some colour. So here is the MDF Model "T" Ambulance.

Obviously a MDF kit can not provide the same level of detail and realism that a resin or plastic kit can reproduce but these models (Dennis and Albion trucks, a Crossley Tender and the Ambulance) don’t look half bad and would add some interesting detail to dress the gaming table at quite a reasonable price.  The Dennis truck is quite a monster! Less successful is the MDF kit for a Mark I tank. You need rivets on a tank and MDF does not give you that! Go and have a look.