Saturday 30 March 2019

One appears to have been published.

Please to purchase copies of my new WW1 Middle Eastern Painting guide, published by Partizan Press, available on the Caliver Books website.

In this first of a series of painting guides for wargamers published by Partizan Press, Mark
Hargreaves takes us through a series of step by step photographic tutorials that cover the painting of flesh tones, khaki drill uniform, khaki serge uniform, horses, camels, guns and vehicles for the British, Dominion and Indian Army troops that served in the Middle Eastern theatres of World War I.
The painting guide will also suit the same troops up until the late 1920s and so will be of interest to those who game the Back of beyond and Interwar periods.

The guide also contains advice on simple conversions involving swapping heads and
the basic use of greenstuff to add details to your miniatures.

Perry Miniatures Sudan Gordon Highlanders

Rumbling on in the background since January have been these Perry Miniatures Sudan Gordon Highlanders. Fixed to temporary MDF bases for photographic purposes, they will be based when they reach their new home.

Tuesday 26 March 2019

Riverine Project 3.

WW1 Turkish Stern-wheeler and British Launch with gun barges now fully equipped with armaments, observation platforms and bits and pieces for the deck. The crews will follow shortly. I will be using British sailors from Pulp Figures and utilising the Oshiro Models Japanese Boxer Rebellion sailors as generic naval crew for the Turks.

Thursday 14 March 2019

Riverine project 2.

A few more images of the British Tigris Motor Launch (now named M34) and the two barges  carrying 4.7 inch guns and ammunition lockers. Just need the white ensign, deck clutter, a observation platform and a crew. This is based on a watercolour illustration to be found in "Sailor in the Desert", the memoir of Philip Gunn published by Pen and Sword.

Monday 11 March 2019

Riverine Project 1.

A couple of of WIPs for you all to look at. These go alongside the Airboat on the previous post. The Sarissa MDF Stern wheeler kit, a Sarissa MDF River Launch, a couple of resin flat bottomed boats from ebay and some scratch built 4.7 inch naval guns. All destined for action on the Tigris, 1917-18. The armament on the stern wheeler still needs to be added along with a lightweight structure on the roof for artillery spotting, but I ain't worked out how to do this yet.