Sunday 9 June 2024

Daimler-Krupp Plattformwagen "Sturmkanonen", c. 1919

 John Hart, model maker supreme, is branching out into 3D design and printing. Having contacted me to see if there was anything I wanted so that he might be able to hone his skills on a meaningful project, I asked if he could have a crack at a Daimler-Krupp Plattformwagen "Sturmkanonen". This is something that will come in very useful when the German Freikorps get an outing on the tabletop with the League of Extraordinary Kreigspielers. I sent John as many images of this beast as could find and off he went to design a 1/56 model. This weekend I received John's 3D resin printed test piece. Wow..... what the images don't reveal is the incredibly fine detail on things such as the door handles and detail inside the drivers cab. Before you shout loudly....this vehicle WAS right hand drive... just look at the photos. Pictured here with a couple of Empress Miniatures figures to allow you to judge size and scale.

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