Sunday, 9 July 2017

Czech Legion Train 2

Some more Czech legionaries for Rodger's train. They are in the post. See what I did there? The Czechs are in the post? Thank you! I'm here all week.

For the most part these are Copplestones with couple of Forgotten Front figures thrown in. Instructions were to paint them up in a "hotch-potch of uniform."


Jim Jackaman said...

Please don't do that again.

Nice Czechs though!

A fellow BoB campaigner at the club named his commander Colonel Rubachek.

Boom Boom.

Over Open Sights said...

Nice. I joked that all these Czechs should, when they reach Vladivostok, leave the army and set up their own traveling troupe of gymnastic tumblers calling themselves....The Bouncing Czechs. Enough now.

Zzzzzz said...


Colonel Scipio said...

Really nice work as always. An oft-forgotten chapter in history.