Sunday, 30 March 2014

Queens Own Dorset Yeomanry. Musketeer Miniatures (Footsore Miniatures) Conversions 1.

I have some Perry WW2 Western Desert Italians on the table at present. A repeat of those painted up last summer. I won't be posting repeat photos but if you are interested they can be seen here. I spent a liitle time beginning the QODY conversions over the last couple of days. My desire to see some of these figures with the Woodbine Slouch Hat heads was dashed as the faces on these heads are quite broad in relation to the size of the slighter miniatures from Musketeer. They looked odd... with inflated faces. Sadly, the experiment failed and so it seems that QODY will all be in Wolseley helmets. This is not a problem. These first four figures are the Trumpeter and Officer from the British WW1 Cavalry Command pack (BEF 13) and two troopers from the BUF/Yeomanry pack (BCW 18). Some added green stuff to give some baggage on the saddle. A scalpel and file have removed the brassard that the BUF troopers had on their left arms.

They seem to be progressing to plan, although it is a little disappointing that there are only two horse variants within all these mounted figures. Had I the skill and inclination I'd try to vary the pose on one or two horses for variety.

Running short of green stuff. Must order some more. 


Michael Awdry said...

Great start Mark, they look superb already.

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Excellent conversion, Mark.
As lovely as your paintjobs. I'm looking forward to see more of this project.