Friday 10 December 2010

Just for Adrian....

Well, my friend, the gun barrel on the French 24pdr was undercoated black and then given a coat of Vallejo Model Colour Bronze. This is a dark bronze colour and a good thick paint. I applied the bronze with a 7zero brush with brush strokes going from right to left, at right angles to the length of the barrel. When this dries it leaves brush strokes in the dried pigment. Once dry the whole thing was given a Nut Brown ink wash. Then I drybrushed the barrel with Vallejo Model Colour Brass, but this time all brush strokes went lengthways down the barrel from breech to muzzle. This highlighted raised areas AND the brush strokes made using the thick Bronze paint. Finally, I added a touch of silver paint to the Brass and lightly drybrushed the the top half of the barrel. No varnish was used once all was dry as it would have lifted the metalic paints that had been drybrushed.

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