Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Just for Beccas... WW1 Khaki Recipe

Beccas, the khaki mix on this figure is the product of hours of experiment (I kid you not). WW1 British khaki has a greener tinge to it and is a completely different shade to that worn on WW2 battledress, I have a couple of pieces of original WW1 khaki clothing in my collection and in certain light it looks green and in different light it looks brown. After months of trial and error I've settled on this:
A base coat of Vallejo Model Colour Russian Green. The mid tone is Vallejo Model Colour English Uniform and highlights are Vallejo Model Colour Green Brown. The puttees here are done with Vallejo Model Colour Tan Earth, washed with Peat Brown ink and highlighted with Tan Earth with a little white added for the top highlight. You could do the puttees with the same paint combination as the main uniform, but I prefer just to add a different tone for the sake of visual appearance. Hope that helps!


Beccas said...

Excellent. Many, many thanks sir.

Sidney Roundwood said...

Many thanks ! My late war Bitish puttees have become a bit too similar to the main uniform, so I am going to give your "recipe" a chance! Thanks again for posting.