Saturday, 22 April 2017

Isle of Wight Rifles 1

It is about time that when invited to "table" I turn up with some figures of my my own rather than to rely upon the kindness of others. So here is the start of 163 Brigade from 54 Division, 1917. The first of ten figures painted up as 1/8 Hampshire Regiment T.F (The Isle of Wight Rifles) in a mix of khaki drill and khaki serge uniform ready for service in Palestine. They have been training with PH Smoke Hoods and General Murray has taken delivery of gas shells to use against Johnny Turk at Gaza. The figures are from Woodbine Designs and the Lance Corporal is a Footsore Tommy with a headswap. The recent Mutton Chop Tommies wearing smoke hoods will also find there way into 163 Brigade. Another five IOW Rifles to follow soon.

What I like about this group is that the chaps wearing shorts have been sculpted wearing P1914 leather equipment while others have P1908 webbing. That and a mix of tropical and serge uniform give a variety of colour. 

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

"The Special Project" Teaser Taster

Today was a good day. I drove over to meet Rodger and to deliver "The Special Project". We took some photos of "The Special Project" set out on Rodger's table. The article for the Wargaming Press has been written, submitted and accepted and the Editor tells me that it will be published in the July edition of "Wargames Illustrated". I have kept virtually all this work under wraps as I promised the Editor that it would be "new" material, not featured on this blog. This is why the frquency of posting has fallen off over the last few months. However, I could not let today go by without giving you all a teaser taster of what will be in the article.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Ladies on Camels

A couple of ladies from from Hinterland Miniatures that will be used in a "Pulp" setting as Imperial Germany attempts to stir up trouble in Persia. The figures and the camels are both sculpted by Alan Marsh. These two camels are the best I have come accross, particularly the beast running with the outstretched neck.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Bigger Guns for the Central Powers.

March has been busy away from the painting table and progress on things has been much slower than anticipated. However, here are two scratchbuilt guns. Both are meant to be generic types for the Central Powers. The first is a 150mm Howtizer with gun shield. It should pass as a Krupp or a Skoda. The stipple camouflage scheme helps hide a multitude of sins. The crew is a converted set of Austrian gunners poised to serve in Palestine in support their Ottoman allies. The conversion is a simple headswap onto some late WW1 GWM German gunners and a tropical paint sheme. The heads are Woodbine Wolseley heads with some judicious work with the file to create a more rounded brim. The puggaree on each has been filed away and replaced with a greenstuff band and badge.

This second piece is based on a Krupp 10cm gun.