Friday, 5 January 2018

12th Australian Light Horse, 1918.

Done! These chaps, so a little bird tells me, will be making their first appearance at the York show in early February. They look almost identical to the 4th ALH (pictured earlier) save for the tiny detail of the patch on the shoulder. Again, all miniatures from Blaze Away with added saddle clutter and swords made from greenstuff.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Swapping Heads.

I took a little time out from painting the 12th Australian Light Horse to respond to a request from Down Under to explain how I swap heads. Here is a brief photo tutorial. I recommend clicking on some of the images so that you can see what is going on a little clearer.

1. The essential tools.

2. Snip off the head. Aim to snip the head off above the collar line (apologies for not getting this shot in focus).

3. Another view of the head removal operation. Steady now! Have courage.... SNIP!

4. Removal complete.

5. The snips leave a raised area of metal that now needs to be filed flat.

6. Cleaned up and flattened neck.

7. Take a drill and drill into the centre of the neck to a depth of about 1.5mm

8. Neck with hole drilled into the centre.

9. Now take a scalpel and pare away the top of the hole to leave a "cupped" recess into which the new head will sit.

10. The "cupped" recess. Compare this with photo 8 and you will see the difference (hopefully).

11. Fill the "cupped" recess with a good quality superglue. Don't use the cheap "poundshop" rubbish. 

12. Place the new head into the recess. Hold for a few seconds and.....

13. ....Bob's yer uncle!