Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The Big Push.

One of the benefits of teaching is a long summer break. This summer will be devoted to getting together units for the next display game at Newbury this September. The Light Car Patrol is now complete. A second Rolls Royce Armoured Car is finished. Two scratch-built 3-ton trucks are done. Attention now turns towards figure painting. The first completed element is this Ottoman machine gun set up for anti-aircraft work. French Spahis and Legion d'Orient wait their turn as do some more Turks and Tommies. No rest! Oh... nearly forgot... the early part of the summer was spent building aeroplanes. Here is a Rumpler C1. An Albatros DII, a Phalz Eindecker, a Bristol Fighter and a Bristol Scout all need to be photographed. This won't happen until I buy a new camera. Sadly, the old Minolta has given up the ghost and I had to borrow Mrs H's camera to photgraph this lot.