Sunday, 18 February 2018

Going out for a spin! Light Car Patrol 1.

I scrached up a stripped down Model T Ford. A couple more of these will follow in time. The drivers are from Warbases with Woodbine headswaps.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Mark I Light Ambulance.

It is very pleasing to be asked to make something different. This piece is part of a set of "table dressing". The client's Great Grandfather served with 130th Machine Gun Company in Mesopotamia and was brought up on a charge of hitching a lift on the back of an ambulance without permission. So... here is the ambulance (a scratch bulit Mark I Light Ambulance) with Great Grandad on the back. Figures from Great War Miniatures and Woodbine Designs.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

97 Heavy Artillery Group 3. Pulling the 6 inch Howitzers.

I decided that I would have some of the guns of 97 HAG pulled by mechanical means other than the Holt Tractor. I have one Holt that I completed sometime last year. The choice, to me, was an obvious one, the FWD Model B truck that was used to pull field artillery and  howitzers up to the Mark VI 8 inch howitzer.

Everything here is plasticard with the exception of the truck's wheels which, like the Daimler AA Flatbed (posted earlier) are press moulded from greenstuff from a Sloppy Jalopy wheel. The towing limber is fashioned from the steering appendage from a resin JTFM Mark I tank with greenstuff wheels press moulded from a GWM  original.

I have done two of these trucks. Here are some images of one of them.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Czech Legion Cavalry, 1919. 3.

The unit of ten are now complete. That was quite a job! All based on temporary bases.

Sunday, 4 February 2018


The original plan was to take a Sloppy Jalopy 1916 Thornycroft flat-bed truck and have it carry a scratch built 13pdr 9cwt gun on a pedestal mounting. The Sloppy Jalopy model is big and very heavy being cast entirely of white metal. When it was built I found that I had used so much superglue that I had stuck myself to my chair. The completed model did not fit together well and needed at lot of filler so I placed it to one side and reached for the plasticard and I scratchbuilt a generic WW1 truck based on Ken Musgrave's scale drawing of a Daimler. I scaled the image to approximately 1/56 and to my delight found that the wheels on the plan were the same diameter as the Thornycroft front wheels. I press moulded half a dozen greenstuff wheels from the white metal original. The barrel of the gun is a Great War Miniatures 13pdr from the bits box.The steering wheel, the break and gear stick are from the Sloppy Jalopy kit. Everything else is scratched. I just need a couple of Tommies to act as crew.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Czech Legion Cavalry, 1919. 2.

Back in October I experimented with a Czech Legion Cavalry trooper for Rodger. Now that the decks are clearer it is time to crack on with the rest of the unit. Santa brought me a rotary tool so there has been frantic grinding and filing going on in the "studio". Rotary tools make a lot of mess. I was forced to get the hoover out.

First five complete here on temporary bases. Rodger will base them when all are done. Five more to come.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Biting the Bullet

Santa brought me some interesting gifts last Christmas. He gave me a 1/48 kit of a Bristol M1 C. It came up rather well for use on the Mespot tabletop.

Sadly, the 1/48 kit of a Vickers FB5 "Gunbus" ended up in the bin last night as I screamed, shouted and ranted my frustrations at it. It was a pathetic scene as I had a tantrum and hurled the box across the room. I am an adult (so I am told) and should know better.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

WW2 Italian reinforcements for the Western Desert.

Some extras for a tabletop force that I painted for a client some time ago. All are from Perry Miniatures. All will be based by the client.
ITWW22 Breda 20mm gun and crew. 

ITWW 21 Moto Guzzi Trike.

ITWW 11 Breda 37 machine gun and crew

ITWW 10 81mm mortar and crew 

Friday, 5 January 2018

12th Australian Light Horse, 1918.

Done! These chaps, so a little bird tells me, will be making their first appearance at the York show in early February. They look almost identical to the 4th ALH (pictured earlier) save for the tiny detail of the patch on the shoulder. Again, all miniatures from Blaze Away with added saddle clutter and swords made from greenstuff.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Swapping Heads.

I took a little time out from painting the 12th Australian Light Horse to respond to a request from Down Under to explain how I swap heads. Here is a brief photo tutorial. I recommend clicking on some of the images so that you can see what is going on a little clearer.

1. The essential tools.

2. Snip off the head. Aim to snip the head off above the collar line (apologies for not getting this shot in focus).

3. Another view of the head removal operation. Steady now! Have courage.... SNIP!

4. Removal complete.

5. The snips leave a raised area of metal that now needs to be filed flat.

6. Cleaned up and flattened neck.

7. Take a drill and drill into the centre of the neck to a depth of about 1.5mm

8. Neck with hole drilled into the centre.

9. Now take a scalpel and pare away the top of the hole to leave a "cupped" recess into which the new head will sit.

10. The "cupped" recess. Compare this with photo 8 and you will see the difference (hopefully).

11. Fill the "cupped" recess with a good quality superglue. Don't use the cheap "poundshop" rubbish. 

12. Place the new head into the recess. Hold for a few seconds and.....

13. ....Bob's yer uncle!