Tuesday, 23 January 2018

WW2 Italian reinforcements for the Western Desert.

Some extras for a tabletop force that I painted for a client some time ago. All are from Perry Miniatures. All will be based by the client.
ITWW22 Breda 20mm gun and crew. 

ITWW 21 Moto Guzzi Trike.

ITWW 11 Breda 37 machine gun and crew

ITWW 10 81mm mortar and crew 


Phil said...

Excellent, love the Moto Guzzi Trike...

Admiral Drax said...

Brilliant! Love that trike in particular.

Phil Broeders said...

Great models and I concur on the trike. Love it. There's a pic of one in the Osprey book on the Kasserine Pass battles.