Monday, 25 April 2011


I've often wondered if one of the heads from Woodbine Designs would work on a Great War Miniatures body. So.... here we have a Woodbine head wearing Wolseley Foreign Service helmet on a GWM early WW1 British Cavalry body. I think it works. Painted up as a trooper of Yeomanry, probably in Egypt, 1916... before Yeomanry regiments, lost their swords prior to Allenby's campaign in Sinai and Palestine.


Sidney Roundwood said...

I think that head swap actually works really well. Very, very nicely painted figure, as well! I'm planning to swap the caps on the GWM dismounted cavalry for Gripping Beast Brodie helmets, so your post has give me a great insight into how it might look.

МаксимС said...

Очень хорош.Охотник на слонов.Почти как в Копи царя Саламона.Это на WWI?

Mark Hargreaves said...

Hello there! My Russian is nonexistent, but online translators suggest that you are surprised that this “elephant hunter” is actually a soldier from WW1? The British Army fought in Turkey, Mesopotamia, Africa and Palestine. In all these areas khaki drill tropical dress was issued which included the Wolseley Foreign Service helmet (the headgear that makes him look like a big game hunter). The Army that fought in Palestine contained a significant number of mounted troops, notably the Desert Mounted Corps. The Royal Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Dorset Yeomanry Cavalry Regiments made one of the last cavalry charges in British military history during the Palestine campaign at El Muhgar on 13th November, 1917. Having charged over 4000 yards, their horses exhausted, the Dorset Yeomanry dismounted and took the Turkish positions at the point of the bayonet!