Sunday, 4 February 2018


The original plan was to take a Sloppy Jalopy 1916 Thornycroft flat-bed truck and have it carry a scratch built 13pdr 9cwt gun on a pedestal mounting. The Sloppy Jalopy model is big and very heavy being cast entirely of white metal. When it was built I found that I had used so much superglue that I had stuck myself to my chair. The completed model did not fit together well and needed at lot of filler so I placed it to one side and reached for the plasticard and I scratchbuilt a generic WW1 truck based on Ken Musgrave's scale drawing of a Daimler. I scaled the image to approximately 1/56 and to my delight found that the wheels on the plan were the same diameter as the Thornycroft front wheels. I press moulded half a dozen greenstuff wheels from the white metal original. The barrel of the gun is a Great War Miniatures 13pdr from the bits box.The steering wheel, the break and gear stick are from the Sloppy Jalopy kit. Everything else is scratched. I just need a couple of Tommies to act as crew.

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