Sunday, 11 February 2018

97 Heavy Artillery Group 3. Pulling the 6 inch Howitzers.

I decided that I would have some of the guns of 97 HAG pulled by mechanical means other than the Holt Tractor. I have one Holt that I completed sometime last year. The choice, to me, was an obvious one, the FWD Model B truck that was used to pull field artillery and  howitzers up to the Mark VI 8 inch howitzer.

Everything here is plasticard with the exception of the truck's wheels which, like the Daimler AA Flatbed (posted earlier) are press moulded from greenstuff from a Sloppy Jalopy wheel. The towing limber is fashioned from the steering appendage from a resin JTFM Mark I tank with greenstuff wheels press moulded from a GWM  original.

I have done two of these trucks. Here are some images of one of them.


J Jackaman said...

Nice work...I love these early vehicles!

Phil Broeders said...

most impressive

Unlucky General said...

Very well done. A great and rare addition to your collection. Thanks for the post.