Tuesday, 23 February 2016

WW1 Field Artillery Observation Position, Middle East.

Some more "table dressing". The Limber Pole Observation Ladder from a previous post, a battery officer and an officer up from Brigade conversing with the observer, a field telephone powered by a Royal Engineers Sapper on a bicycle generator and some frantic semaphore from a signaler.

All these figures have Woodbine Design heads. Figures from Woodbine Design, Great War Miniatures, Footsore Miniatures and Dixon Miniatures.


Bedford said...

Top drawer stuff yet again Mark.


Matt said...

Awesome work! :o)
The chap up the pole must have been especially brave!

Michael Awdry said...

My goodness Mark, you have really out done yourself this time! Simply stunning Sir.

Michael Mills said...

Wonderful stuff Mark, although I pity the observer. What a job!

Phil said...

What a splendid group, well done!

Sidney Roundwood said...

Just catching up, Mark - and oh Lord, but these are onderful! What a fantastic piece of modelling!