Monday, 15 February 2016

Self indulgence and a splash of colour.

A much valued patron is building a 1/56 scale WW1 Fly Class river gun boat for service on the River Tigris. It needed a main armament of a Mark IV QF 4 inch naval gun. No one makes one of these in this scale. I offered to scratch build one. The offer was accepted and here it is. NOT a scale model but a representation of a 4 inch gun with shield.  Styrene tubes, plasticard, a couple of MDF bases, superglue and... off course.... swearing! No scratchbuild would be complete without the foul language.

Here is HMS Sedgefly on the Tigris with the 4 inch gun on the main deck.

The last couple of projects were big jobs so it was with a smile that I began a small group of ECW Staff Officer figures. These allowed a splash of colour onto the brushes. These will be based up when I hand them over to their owner. Figures by Bicorn Miniatures, I think.

Back to Mespot now to complete some figures to cluster around the base of the Limber Pole Artillery Observation Ladder.... including a Tommy on a bicyle powered generator!


Peter Douglas said...

Lovely looking gun, it may not be exact scale but it looks right and that's the main thing. Did the traditional blood sacrifices to the gods of modelling precede the swearing?

Mark Hargreaves said...

Indeed, Peter... the letting of blood with the scalple blade as it slips from the edge of the safety ruler is a ritual that must be performed. Swearing then flows forth. The clenching of buttocks when glueing on the 0.7mm micro-breads to represent rivets is a new addition to the ritual of scratchbuild.

Michael Awdry said...

Very nice, but the ECW are a revelation - stunning work Mark.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

That scratch-built gun looks all the part. Well done. The rivets make the piece.

Ubique Matt said...

Great looking model and lovely painted figures. I think that swearing is the special, magic ingredient in all scratch building projects. None of my own efforts would exist without it.