Saturday, 1 June 2013

I have always loved WW1 Aeroplanes

For a while I've hunted down clips of all sorts on YouTube. You can't get better than watching the clips on the Historical Aviation Film Unit's YouTube channel. Someone in New Zealand appears to have a brace of F.E.2bs.

There seems to be at least seven Fokker DR. Is.

And a Fokker D.VIII!

But the best of the bunch has to be the DH. 2.

Go and spend an hour just watching these wonderful reproductions take to the skies right here.

Oh.... and did I mention the Albatros?


paulalba said...

Hi Mark,
I have always always loved modelling WW1 planes. I was lucky enough to pick up loads of Wings of War planes when they 1st came out but you really an't beat the 1/72 scale kits around today. Nice post!

paulalba said...

Just watched the films, WOW!!!

Defoix said...

bloody marvellous!!! I think its Peter jackson who owns/bankrolls them