Saturday, 1 June 2013

Great War Miniatures British Infantry in Cold Weather Clothing.

The first three figures from the GWM B010 British Infantry in Cold Weather Clothing pack. All painted up as 6th (Service) Bn. Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. The figure on the right of the picture appears here.

 I like the idea that Tommy is wearing a balaclava, probably knitted by his old Mum back home in Blighty. A touch of the white varnish residue... again.... Time to buy a new bottle, I think.

 It would have been very simple just to paint the "Stinker" in one colour but the photographic evidence shows that these full sleeved versions were pieced together from a number of skins. I found a photograph that showed an example with two very darker sleeves. I like the end result.
Three more to come. This weekend is will be the last available time for some painting for the next month.

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Sidney Roundwood said...

Mark, they're absolutely brilliant! You've such a clean, precise painting style, it really makes these figures a joy to look at. I particularly like the unit insignia and badges you've painted on - they're so hard to do precisely. And I agree about the "stinker" - they'd have been disgustingly dirty, caked with grease and muck, so quite right to paint those in any old colours.

The Cold Weather Clothing unit from Great War Miniature is one of my favourites in their Great War range. I only wish they'd done some officers to go with them - ah, hopefully one day!!