Monday, 24 June 2013

Dixon Miniatures WW1 British Cyclist

A bit of a rushed job to see what one of these chaps would look like with some colour on him. Four figures come in the pack. Two in soft trench caps, two in helmets.They are on the small side so would mix with Foundry and Woodbines but would be dwarfed by GWMs, Renegade and Brigade Games figures. Painted up as a Lance-Corporal of the Army Cyclist Corps, 48th (South Midland) Division, 1915. I baulked at painting the word "CYCLIST" on the red flashes on the arm...... I know..... I am weak.


James Brewerton said...

fantastic work can not tell its a rush job.
Peace James

Chris Stoesen said...

I love the look of this miniature. He seems to be on a lazy bike ride without a care in the world.

Phil said...

Really nice, unusual and great!