Thursday, 21 December 2017

Scratching the itch: 97 Heavy Artillery Group 1. The Guns.

Since completing the 4th Australian Light Horse, the Painting Mojo decided to go for a holiday. Both it and I needed a break from the brushes for while. However, I got the itch. The itch to build. So, as I took time away from the paints, I began work on what will become 97 Heavy Artillery Group and I built the guns. These are all approximately 1/56 scale. They are not meant to be exact scale models but something that, in the end, looks like the real gun and will pass as a gaming piece.

Mark VI 8 inch Howitzer: There were two Mark VI guns in Palestine during 1917 and 1918. All scratched with the addition of converted wheels from the JTFM Mark I Tank steering gear. 

26 cwt 6 inch Howitzers: One of these is a complete scratchbuild, the other uses the barrel from an Irregular Miniatures 6 inch howitzer. I bought Irregular Miniatures gun out of curiosity but the carriage is completely wrong and it went straight into the "bits box".

A fourth howitzer was added using the Irregular Miniatures 30 cwt 6 inch Howitzer (on the extreme right).

Mark II 60 pdr: These two guns took the most work. Again, the barrels and carriages are scratchbuilt and the wheels are converted from the JTFM Mark I Tank steering gear.

In the fullness of time I shall have to convert some gunners, do some more Holt tractors and towing limbers, an observation balloon, a flatbed truck with a massive winch, two lorry mounted AA guns and some AA Lewis guns. What have I started........? 


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Lovely 'scratching'/ scratchbuilding of your itch Mark!

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