Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Final elements to the Asia Corps

First up, Brigade Games' Asia Corps Lewis Gun teams.

Next, a unit of ten Jaeger. Four battalions of Jaeger were assigned to the Asia Corps, three battalions of the 146th Jaeger Regiment  and the 11th Reserve Jaeger Battalion. In reality, they probably looked just like the rest of the figures in this project being equipped with the sun helmet or soft visored cap. For variety these figures have retained their distinctive shako and badger skin backpack. Perhaps not historically accurate, but an interesting diversion. The Officer, bugler and kneeling NCO come from Great War Miniatures and the remaining seven figures are from Mutton Chop.


Peter Douglas said...

Wonderful figures! I like the Jaegers, and agree that the distinct details are best, even if inaccurate. What's the story of the Lewis gun used by the Asia corps? Was this unique to the theatre? War booty?

Mark Hargreaves said...

Captured British guns pressed into service, Peter. Not at all unique to the Middle Eastern threatre.

Robert Herrick said...

They do look rather nice. I can't tell the difference between the Great War and Mutton Chop figures. Is the difference more readily apparent in person?

Mark Hargreaves said...

Robert, the GWM figures are a little chunkier in appearance when you see them in "the flesh". I am rather pleased that the difference is not obvious.