Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Perry Miniatures WW2 "Luke Warm in Cairo" character set.

Back in the summer of 2016 I painted up this set for Michael Perry. I didn't post any images of them at the time as the set was not yet on the market. I forgot all about them. I discovered today that the set is now available and that Michael has posted the above image on their website. I searched about in my photo archive for my original images of these figures, but I couldn't locate them, so here is Michael's photo of the painted set. Cheers!


Michael Awdry said...

Wonderful Mark, lovely to see your work on the Perry's site.

Jerry Jenkins said...

If Carlsberg did painting...great job a lovely set !

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

They look very Indiana Jonese-ish. "Nazis....I HATE those guys!"

bilmeki nerden said...

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Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Excellent work knightend by the presence on the Perrys' site. Well deserved, Mark.