Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Divers and Toffee Apples

More Mesoptamian madness. A Royal Navy diving team ready to search stretches of the Tigris for nasty mines left by Johnny. Figures from Foundry and Brigade Games.

They have to deal with things like this:

A 2 inch Stokes "Toffee Apple" mortar. The mortar is from Great War Miniatures and the crew are Perry WW2 British gunners with Woodbine headswaps and some minor alterations.


Robert Herrick said...

Superb work! I assume the spine protection on the gunners is greenstuff?

How difficult are the headswaps to do? I'm sorely tempted to do some 21st Lancers and staff officers using Great War Miniatures and Perry or Woodbine heads, as appropriate. Your work indicates that's a pretty good idea and rather easy to do.

Michael Awdry said...

Just brilliant Mark!

Mark Hargreaves said...

Robert, yes the spine protectors and the flaps on the bacl of the helmet are made from a bit of greenstuff. Headswaps are EASY! Snip of the original head, file flat, stick a scalpel blade into the centre of the neck and simply twist the blade and carve out a hole for the the neck of the new head to fit in to.

Phil said...

Unusual and marvelous!