Saturday, 19 December 2015

Sneaky Peek at WIP. WW1 Camel Ambulance 1.

Finally I have been able to start some work on a project that has been on the cards for quite some time. While I wait for the delivery of some more brass rod (note to self- check supplies before embarking on new project) here are a couple of images of the first converted camel. Additions made with plasticard, brass rod, grey stuff, superglue and swearing. More in due course as this progresses alongside the current project of a number of WW1 Mutton Chop Germans.


El Grego said...

Very interesting. I wonder how long after WW1 that would still be used? ;)

Bedford said...

Wow! That is brilliant Mark!

I don't suppose you have any pics of the construction of the conversion? I'd love to make similar one's for the Sudan. After a bit of research of course.

Hope so :>)


Over Open Sights said...

Not of this one, Darrell. There will be three or four different types of cacolets when all is complete. I'll try to remember to take some photos once the brass rod arrives and I start on the next camel.

Matt said...

That is quite simply superb modelling and beautiful painting! :-D

Bedford said...


It would be brilliant if you can find the time to do just that. Don't go out of your way though.

Looking forward to seeing the rest and perhaps some WIP's.


Major Thomas Foolery said...

Great work! Would never have know it was a conversion if you hadn't said something.

tim said...


Swearing is one of the main components of most of my conversions and attempts at sculpting as well!

Michael Awdry said...

What a start! Great modelling Mark and I would also love to see any WIP that you are willing to share.

Phil said...

Very nice, well done!