Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Another scratchbuilt gun: 6 inch 26cwt howitzer (ish).

More fun with cereal packet cardboard... and swearing. This is a very squat and ugly looking gun. It does not photograph very well. It looks a lot better "in the flesh".
The Batttery Major consults the handbook and thinks about getting the brute dug into an emplacement covered with netting.

An interesting thing came to light while researching the plans of this gun. In May 1917, the most forward battery of these guns on the Ypres Salient was dug in 300 yards west of the Cloth Hall in Ypres. Having stood on the area of the front line of the Salient and looked back towards Ypres I appreciate the distances involved.


Michael Awdry said...

What a beast and another inspiring build Mark. My cereal packets certainly don't look anything like that.

tim said...

Looks just fine to me in these photos!

Matt said...

Well I must say that this series of scratch-built guns is simply astonishing! They look every bit as good as similar resin and metal offerings. Well done indeed, sir!