Friday, 8 August 2014

Perry Miniatures WW2 Western Desert Italians.

This are packs ITWW3, 4 and 5 painted up to join the Western Desert Italians that I pictured back in April.


Michael Awdry said...

Great job Mark.

Ubique Matt said...

Superb painting, some of them even look like Mussolini.

Bedford said...

Sublime work Mark!


Mark Hargreaves said...

Ha ha ha! Thanks, Matt! It is the helmets that make them look bald... and yes, I appear to have subconsciously painted protruding lower lips.

Phil said...

Splendid, they are splendid!

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Stunning work, Mark.
Especially the faces came out perfect. Full of character and rather stout. Must be motivated early war Italians... ;-)