Saturday, 12 April 2014

Perry Miniatures AWI Plastic Continentals

Some weeks ago, a contact (who must remain unnamed) passed on to me three sprues of the lastest plastic releases from Perry Miniatures... the AWI Continental Infantry. The instructions were explicit and I understood that not following them would have dire consequences: "Don't you go postin' anyfink on yer blog 'till Salute comes up an these is officially released." The three sprues were clearly "proofs" as there were some holes in the thinner pieces on the command sprue, but there are enough there to keep me happy for a while.

So today being the 12 April, 2014, the day of "Salute 2014", I post the first. I plan to paint up some of these figures based the paintings by Don Troiani. There are some minor variations between painting and miniature (namely the shape of the cuffs.... all these plastic Continentals come with round cuffs) so please don't bombard the comments section with "Very nice... BUT..." types of comments. I just wanted to show that if you are able to cope with minor historical discrepancies, this set of plastic miniatures has a lot of potential.

Check out Don Troiani's photos on his Facebook page for inspiration. I did!

3rd New Jersey. The "New Jersey Blues", 1776.


Moiterei_1984 said...

Fabulous work! These plastic continentals semm to be well worth their money. If I wouldn't hate cleaning and assembling plastics that much...

Bedford said...

Brilliant crisp subtle brushwork Mark.