Sunday, 2 September 2012

Perry Miniatures AWI Hessian Garrison Regiment von Huyn.

Just the two of them. Hessian Garrison Regiment Von Huyn. I needed to paint something in a cocked hat as I've not done this for a while.

The first figures destined for the Display Case in over a year! I gather that there is a re-enactment group is the U.S. that portray this regiment, but I've not been able to track down a web presence. Would love to know what they look like and to see how just how yellow their small clothes are.


Michael Awdry said...

What a cracking group; beautifully painted and based.

Rodger said...

Wonderful painting Mark.

Dave said...

I say, top notch work on those Jerries ol'boy.

Ben Fiene (Ansbachdragoner) said...

superb little diorama Mark. Wonderful painting and atmospheric composition.

Phil said...

I am a member Hessian Regiment von Huyn, and we are an active reenactment group based out of the Washington, DC region.

The figures look great! Indeed, our small clothes are made from bright yellow wool. Although our regimental coat is a darker blue. These coats look closer to the color worn by Regiment von Bose or the Guards Grenadiers.

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