Thursday, 19 July 2012

French Napoleonic Cavalry Casualty Markers

Not the sort of thing I normally paint, but I was asked to paint up these miniatures as French Napoleonic
casualty markers.
In reality, Perry Belgian heavy cavalry figures but a a change of paint scheme to create something representing French Carabiniers in campaign dress, without breast plates, in blue tunics with their cloaks rolled over their shoulders.

The Hussar on the left is also a Perry Dutch-Belgian figure. A change of horse was needed here. The Cuirassier figure is from Foundry with a Perry Plastic horse struggling to get to its feet.

The Cuirassier figure and the two Hussars on their backs are from Foundry. The other two figures are, again Perry Dutch Belgian figures with different paint schemes. The figure laying on its front is a Belgian Chasseur, but painted up a Hussar wearing his undress town coat instead of a pelisse.


Michael Awdry said...

More lovely work Mark. The horse struggling to get to his feet is particularly strong, you said plastic but is it a conversion?

Anonymous said...

Nice work Mark, thank you for sharing.



Anonymous said...

Lovely... I am also looking for cavalry casualties. And you found some that I had not noticed before. This gives me a great guide! Thanks!

Rodger said...

Excellent work Mark. Really like these.

Mark Hargreaves said...

The plastic horse is straight from the Perry French Heavy Cavalry box. All I did was to bend the head a little more to the right and file down some of its left rear flank so that it had a flat area to stick it to the base.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

As always superb painting!


Matt said...

Simply splendid painting!


Der Feldmarschall said...

Great stuff! very nice work.

Monty said...

Perfect as ever!
I'm looking forward to seeing them ini real soon...